Ewan Spence: Forbes’ Professional Apple Basher

Forbes used to be a quality, reputable magazine. But I guess its hard to make money in the printing business now days and every magazine has been forced to go online and sink into the gutter. Readers of Forbes.com will be deluged with ads and videos that automatically play. The actual content is scrunched in the […]

Stock Market Up Or Down Because Of Trump In 2017?

Its December 1st, 2016 and the U.S. stock markets are right near all time highs. We’ve had the craziness of the Trump election which initially pushed stocks down around the world until investors quickly reversed their thinking and decided that Trump would be good for business rather than bad. What is an investor to do […]

Stock Market Week Of September 12 – 16

This week is a bit different than most. First, we have very few companies reporting earnings. Second, this week is triple witching week (TWW). Third, we have traders and investors scrambling to react to the 2-3% drop in the market on Friday. Is this a buying opportunity? Should we sell before the market drops further? […]

Stock Market Week Of August 15 – August 19

This week is options expiration week. Seasonally, the week starts out strong but then pulls back before options expiration. Generally, we can expect a weak rally Monday through Wednesday, followed by a bearish Thursday and Friday. Monday: Monday begins the expiration week. We have bad news coming out of Japan and good news coming out […]

Stock Market Week Of August 8 – August 12

August is seasonally a weak month, especially in the beginning. However, in mid-August, things can pick up. The market becomes a bit more bullish and we get the holy “summer rally,” which isn’t that great. Anyway, expect this week to be lackluster but do prepare to open some long positions at the end of the […]

Stock Market Week Of August 1 – August 5

Monday: The first day of the month is often the most bullish day of the month, but not so for August! The seasonality here, however, diverges for small caps vs. large caps. Large caps are typically down, while small caps are up. August can be the worst month for the large caps, on both the Dow and the SPY. […]

Stock Market Week Of July 25 – July 29

It’s FOMC week and in addition to that, some of the biggest stocks on the market are reporting their earnings this week. Needless to say, these next five days should be crazy and highly volatile. Monday: While Monday is a very bullish day for the market seasonally, it might be rough going this time. Investors […]

Stock Market Week Of July 18 – July 22

Overall, the week after July expiration tends to be quite volatile. Seasonally, we can expect swings of 3% to 4%. Most of the time, this week is more bullish than bearish, though. We’ve hit all-time highs in the S&P 500, and many are expecting a rally. We might get a rally but it will probably be […]

Stock Market Week Of July 11 – July 15

Overall, it’s looking like this could be a bullish week. With the market near its 52-week highs, we might see new all-time highs before the week is done. Monday: We begin July’s options expiration week. Monday is typically bullish. In the past couple decades, this Monday has shown strength in the Dow and NASDAQ 75% of […]

Stocks: Week Of July 5 Through July 8

Tuesday: The stock market opens after a 3-day weekend. Stock options should be very cheap at market open because of a volatility crush. Today is a good day to day trade volatility or open volatility positions. Volatility should surge and investors and funds take Q3 positions. You can expect the market to be mostly down. Still, today is […]