Ewan Spence: Forbes’ Professional Apple Basher

Forbes used to be a quality, reputable magazine. But I guess its hard to make money in the printing business now days and every magazine has been forced to go online and sink into the gutter. Readers of Forbes.com will be deluged with ads and videos that automatically play. The actual content is scrunched in the middle of a big ad bar on the right, a big ad above the content, and a left margin with video and other stories. Honestly, the Forbes website is extremely frustrating to try to read and looks like it was slapped together by a child trying to make money with ads. Very sad.

Then there is the content which more and more, revolves around clickbait titles and authors that write controversial bits just to get clicks. At least that is the way it is for writer Ewan Spence who apparently makes his living by bashing Apple week after week. Either he hates Apple for personal reasons, is short the stock, or has realized that he can get the most clicks by pumping out a negative spin on almost every product the company produces. This is one author that should be reined in, unless Forbes has decided to throw out all its journalistic impartiality and become nothing more than a negative clickbait machine.

Lets take a look at Ewan’s articles that he has pumped out on Apple just this month, December 2016. I hate to give him the links but there is no other way:

Apple Slammed Over Major MacBook Pro Problems – December 23

Apple AirPods: A Musical Delight Spoiled By Awkward Problems – December 20

Apple’s Hidden Fix For Your MacBook Pro Problems – December 18

Apple’s Penalty Charge For A Lost AirPod – December 15

A Terrible Week For The New MacBook Pro – December 15

Apple’s Latest Fix For Your Frustrating iOS Problem – December 12

Surface Book: The Stylish Laptop That Trumps Your MacBook Pro – December 10

Apple’s Growing iPhone Battery Problem – December 9

Razer Blade: The Ferocious Hidden Power That Trumps The MacBook Pro – December 3

Black Friday Pixel Defeats iPhone – December 2

Apple Confirms Frustrating iOS Problem – December 1

After reading that list of titles is it possible to believe he doesn’t have an agenda? Obviously he makes a good chunk of his income bashing Apple in every way he can possibly think of. If its not a direct attack on an Apple product he deftly gets the hits in by saying something else is superior.

Spence is from Scotland and maybe hates America? I don’t know and it is his right to hate Apple (and America if he wants to)  but the problem is he is doing it under the Forbes name. He isn’t writing on some personal blog or website but doing it in Forbes. That diminishes the trust of Forbes as I have now realized that it is nothing more than an advertising click machine with writers trying to pump up the clicks in any way possible.

So, I will try to avoid Forbes as much as possible from now on. My trust has been violated and I am no longer a reader.