Magic Leap Magic Leap finds itself in the news frequently now that virtual reality units are starting to ship and interest is starting to grow. Investors are curious about how to buy Magic Leap stock as the company is one of the most interesting in the VR/AR space, combining virtual reality and augmented reality into something it calls “mixed reality”. But the company, despite deals with Disney, Google, Legendary Entertainment, Qualcomm, Lucasfilm, and others remains private at this time and there is no news of any IPO.

It is estimated that Magic Leap’s valuation tops $4.5 billion after raising $1.4 billion from various investors. The company is located in Florida which is about as far away from Silicon Valley as you can get and the company is reportedly getting job growth incentives to remain there.

How To Buy Magic Leap Stock

While no immediate plans to go public are in the works, it is only a matter of time before Magic Leap has an IPO (or is bought by another company). In order to invest in the company right now, you have to be a big time investor with deep connections which means ordinary people can’t get in on the ground floor. You will have to wait until the company debuts on one of the American stock exchanges and starts trading stocks that first day before you can invest.

To buy stock in Magic Leap or any other publicly traded company, you will need to have money in an online broker account. Once you have that, the buying and selling process is simple and can be done in seconds. Online discount brokers charge between $4.95 and $10 per trade and there are a dozen or so reliable ones to choose from including E*Trade, Optionshouse, Merrill Edge, TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, TradeKing, and Scottrade. Your money will be safe with any of those as they have all been around more than 10 years.

It is important to note that opening a broker account is easy but you must continue with the process and deposit money in your new account in order to buy stocks. While you wait for Magic Leap to IPO, you might get started investing by picking another stock or two that you would like to invest in so that you can begin the process of building up your portfolio. Investors should strive to own a variety of stocks so that all their money isn’t dependent on the fortunes of just one company.

Is Magic Leap’s Mixed Reality Real?

With the backing of so many big name companies, it seems like Magic Leap is developing something in the VR/AR space that could have a lot of applications in the coming years. It has coined the term “mixed reality” and the hopes for the technology is high. And yet, it must be noted that as of August 2016 there is still little real public proof of anything other than a handful of YouTube videos. As we all know, videos can make things look much better than they are and so there have been some doubts in the technology community that Magic Leap’s product will be as great as it is reported to be.

Magic Leap is a very secretive company which may or may not mean anything in terms of whether they have a real product or not. After all, Apple is also secretive and for very good reasons….it doesn’t want competitors to copy what it is developing. Magic Leap may not be revealing more than the absolute minimum for much the same reason.

Will Magic Leap Go Public Or Get Bought First?

Its possible you may never get a chance to buy Magic Leap stock as the company could get bought out before it can IPO. With a valuation of $4.5 billion, it is still small enough for Microsoft, Sony, Apple, Google, or some other big company that has VR/AR aspirations to buy it for its technology. Just like Instagram was bought by Facebook and YouTube was bought by Google before either had a chance to IPO, Magic Leap might be bought out before the public has a chance to invest in it.

With Facebook’s Oculus Rift and HTC’s Vive already being released in 2016 and Microsoft’s HoloLens release imminent, it is clear that virtual reality and augmented reality are no longer technologies of the future. Magic Leap sits squarely in the middle of those two and seems to be a company that could be a takeover target. If it doesn’t get bought first, a Magic Leap IPO would happen in 2017 at the earliest and more likely 2018 and beyond.