For those wishing to buy Vice Media stock, 2017 might be the year they can do it. Vice is an up and coming youth/millennial focused media news outlet that believes it is in the right place at the right time. Investors in the private company include Disney, A&E Networks, and 21st Century Fox and its valuation is thought to be above $4.5 billion.

Vice Media’s CEO Shane Smith said in December 2016 that the company had been talking to banks and exploring its options in regard to going public. The time for an IPO might be soon based on his belief that the company caters to millennials and is positioned correctly in what may be a tumultuous next couple of years in the news and media industry. Smith said that Vice needs to keep growing and expanding its reach and can do that by having an IPO which will give it the funds needed to make various acquisitions.

Vice Media Reaches A Different Demographic

To see a list of some of the properties of Vice you can scroll toward the bottom of this page. Vice targets the younger generations of people that aren’t interested in mainstream news. Its programs and material has been ridiculed and dismissed by “real” journalists and “real” media outlets for many years because it is unlike anything we have seen before.

Whether you agree or disagree with the sometimes controversial programing on any of the Vice platforms, one thing is for sure: the company allows advertisers to reach a totally different audience than other media outlets. Vice strives to serve news that is cutting edge and raw and that appeals to those who want nothing to do with the stale and predictable news coverage of traditional media. By catering to a totally different demographic than “normal” news, Vice gives advertisers a new way to reach this very young audience. Viewing the companies continuing success and growth, that is why it has IPO plans and why investors would want to buy Vice Media stock.

Will Vice Media Stock Be A Good Investment?

To get a better idea of where Vice came from and where it is going you might read this piece that explains a lot of the back story of the company. Vice Media is in the midst of trying to somewhat distance itself from its somewhat shady past and show that it is a new media company that is genuine and yet edgy. It is vital for Vice to continue to try to gain an ever increasing audience among the under 30 crowd and show advertisers that it appeals to a cross section of that demographic.

Traditional media is in an absolute upheaval right now with newspapers and radio stations finding it very hard to survive, many of them going out of business. People have changed and are changing their media consumption habits as on demand music, video, news, and movies is now the preferred method. Vice Media, to be a good stock and investment should it IPO, will have to keep ahead of the curve and stay in front of this wave of change that we are seeing. It will have to continue to make the programing and content that the under 30 crowd want to see and stay current on the ways to deliver that content. It is an exciting time to be in the businesses it is in but also a difficult time that requires a lot of forward thinking and planning.