Stocks: Week Of July 5 Through July 8


The stock market opens after a 3-day weekend. Stock options should be very cheap at market open because of a volatility crush. Today is a good day to day trade volatility or open volatility positions. Volatility should surge and investors and funds take Q3 positions. You can expect the market to be mostly down. Still, today is a good day to open new bullish positions.


FOMC minutes will be released. They should point out a dovish Fed, which is bullish for the market. Still, today starts the worst season for the NAQDAQ, so if you have any tech laggards, you might think of selling them.

In earnings, we have WBA and GBX releasing their reports.


A few important economic stats come out today, including gas storage, crude inventory, unemployment claims, and nonfarm payrolls. Thursday should be bullish overall. Reporting today is PEP, WDFC, PSMT, CUDA, and HELE.


The week closes with more stats on unemployment, payrolls, and weekly earnings. We could see a bullish Friday with little volume. Friday’s close is a good time to open a long-term bullish trade on DIA or SPY stocks (or the ETFS), as it begins their best month of this quarter.