Why A Great Fitbit Christmas Is Good News For The Apple Watch

Fitbit to Apple WatchI have owned a Fitbit Charge HR for almost a 9 months now. It was my first wearable and I bought it as a result of all the Apple Watch hype a year ago. I wanted to see what a wearable was like and I wanted to find out at a price that was less than half of what the cheapest Apple Watch would sell for.

I’ve like the activity tracker/watch and other than its problem counting stairs (it thinks I climb 20 to 40 flights of stairs every day when I don’t climb any) it has performed reasonably well. But what I have discovered is that it doesn’t do enough for me and I want something that does more.

Something like the 2nd generation Apple watch maybe? I think so.

So, what my Fitbit has done for me is to wet my appetite for something nicer, with better and more sensors, that has more functionality. The Apple Watch will be my next wearable purchase whenever the next model is released. Am I alone in this thinking? I believe not.

By all accounts Fitbit had a great Christmas. It showed that there is indeed a lot of interest in wearables. But I believe that what we will see happen is that many of Fitbit’s new customers are using their new activity trackers as training wheels for the eventual purchase of an Apple Watch.

I know that Fitbit is coming out with the Blaze which is another step up and it is its attempt to keep people like me in the fold. But the thing looks like an ugly version of the Apple Watch and why buy it when you can get the real thing? Investors have sold off the stock ever since the Blaze was announced so they obviously feel the same way.

Fitbit does indeed have a lot more going for it that GoPro does and those two stocks get compared a lot lately. Both have seen their share prices plummet as the market aggressively cuts the prices of all companies that have any questionable futures. But Fitbit does have a nice line of products that will probably endure due to their substantially lower price points than the higher end wearables. My Fitbit Charge HR is still going strong so that is a good sign of its durability and for someone who just wants an activity tracker, Fitbit offers a nice selection.

However, in the end, I feel a sizable chunk of those who purchased a Fitbit this holiday season will be tempted to step up to the new 2nd generation Apple Watch in 2016. They will want to put something a little nicer on their wrists that does a whole lot more.